What to Expect at the BCBG Warehouse Sale!

BCBG Warehouse Sale is happening now! Friday 5/6 is the last day.  It is open from 9:00am-4:30pm.

Here is the building:

2665 Leonis Avenue Vernon, Ca. 90058

GPS will lead you to the front of the building, but you need to enter on the side of the building, which is across the street from Wells Fargo.  You can park on the street.  It was somewhat difficult to find a space, but not impossible.  You may have to walk a few blocks. You will see people walking to the sale and walking with bags of clothing coming out of the sale.  If you don’t know where you are going, just simply ask.   I parked illegally in a restaurant near by, which I had no problems, but I am not saying to do that. If you come with friends, great, as one can walk to the car and one can watch the items you purchased.  You can always Uber or Lyft if you live near by.

The warehouse is huge, so there was no line to get in when I got there, which was around 11am.  Once inside, the sale was organized.  Make sure you grab a couple of plastic trash bags that they were giving out, as you will fill them up quickly.  There were racks of clothing everywhere.  The sale offered buy 10 mix apparel for $99.00, which included gowns!  They had buy 5 pairs of shoes for $99.00! And buy 2 pairs of Jeans and Skirts for $10.00!   There were purses, jewelry, scarfs, hats, and tights/nylons as well!  The sale was huge and definitely worth it!

The line to buy was quick and organized.  There were plenty of cashiers and they accepted both credit card and cash. The staff were very friendly and helpful! Everyone shopping at the sale were courteous.

Other than that…here is a look into the sale:

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