The New Mart & California Market Center Sample Sales!

The New Mart and The California Market Center have Sample Sales on the last Friday of every month in the showrooms! They are directly across the street from each other, so you can hit up both!  But if you work on Friday’s, no worries, you can still go to the California Market Center Saturday Sales!

Here is what you need to know!

First if you missed today, you still have tomorrow!

 The Saturday Sale at the California Market Center will be open on 5/28 & 6/25 from 10am-3:30pm.  Men, Women, Kids! Admission is $2.00.  Located at 110 E. 9th Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90079. Enter at Main Street or Los Angeles Street. Take escalators down to the sale/exhibit hall. It is on one floor with all the designers in the exhibit hall, which is pretty easy for shopping! I usually can run in and out quickly, but it is fun to walk around and take your time.  It is never too crowded and really easy to shop.  It is not a lot of walking. Most items are hung up and nicely displayed, but sometimes you might find boxes filled with clothes, labeled everything for a set price, like $5.  Cash is preferred, but some vendors may accept credit card.  Bring your own tote bag for convenience, however, most vendors will have shopping bags. There is a Bank of America ATM at the entrance, near where you check in & there is a Citibank next door. Each sale will have different vendors, but designer names such as Young Fabulous and Broke, DKNY, English Laundry, Alberto Makali, XCVI, Ecko, David Cline, Judy P, Eva Franco, City Girl, Joseph Ribkoff, Blanc Noir, Hale Bob, Singles Dress by Galina Sobolev , Bailey 44, and Burnside have been spotted there!

Back to the Friday Sample Sales at the New Mart and California Market Center so you can plan next month or the month after, etc. They both have them on the last Friday of every month!   Again, they are directly across from each other so you can hit up both!

The New Mart Sample Sales are the last Friday of each month and every Friday in December! Located at  127 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, between Main and Los Angeles Streets. Parking is located on Main Street and Ninth. Entrances to the neighboring parking lot are located on both Main Street and Ninth Street.

Remaining 2016 New Mart SAMPLE SALES:

 Jun 24th   Jul 29st   Aug 26th   Sep 30th   Oct 28th   Nov 25th   Dec 2nd   Dec 9th   Dec 16th   Dec 23rd   Dec 30th

Cash only is accepted! Each showroom will have their own hours; however, most are from 9am-3pm.   Shoppers will not be allowed to enter until 7am.

There is no guarantee that any showroom, or the lines they carry will participate in any month. It is advised that you refer to this list on the New Mart’s website during and just before the next sample sale to see the most accurate list of participants.

This is the list I received when I was at the  New Mart’s sample sales on 5/26:

The New Mart’s website may be updated before the next sale on June 24th, so you can check out what designers are having a sample sale.

As for the California Market Center on Friday’s, they post the sales right when you walk in. Showrooms are open to the public every last Friday of the month from 9am-6pm.  Some showrooms may close earlier. There are hundreds of showrooms in the 13 story building, but not all the showrooms were open.

Now, what are these sample sales like?   Let’s start with parking! Parking was easy! I parked in the California Market Center Parking Structure for $9 and took the elevators up.  What does it look like inside? Well, imagine boutiques, that is what they look like, but they are called “showrooms”.  “Samples for Sale” signs are posted on the windows and if you are not sure, just walk in and ask. The showrooms are clean, organized, and the people are very friendly. There were no lines to enter and no lines to buy.   I was there from 12pm-3:30pm. I saw prices as low as $2.  All sizes were spotted from x-small to plus sizes.  I saw everything from men and women’s clothes and shoes to handbags and candles! In both the California Market Center and the New Mart there were so many showrooms open on 12-13 floors, so you will be walking, but not much, and taking elevators or the escalator.  12-13 Floors sounds overwhelming, but it really is not.  Just get a copy of the list from the New Mart’s website screen shoot it on your phone or take a picture of the flyers in front of the California Market Center.  Plus, the buildings are really nice and the showrooms  have beautiful window shopping set up as you can see in the pictures below.  It is fun to just walk around.

Check out the pictures I took:

If you missed this Friday, you have The Saturday Sale at the California Market Center tomorrow! At the Saturday Sale, it is only one floor with all the designers in the exhibit hall. Any questions, just comment below and ask Jessi!

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