Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! And More Shoes!

Matisse Warehouse Sale ends  Saturday, 5/7 (10am-2pm)! 1550 East Franklin Avenue El Segundo, CA. 90245


Here is the building:

The building was easy to find, as there were yellow “Women Shoe Sale” signs leading you to the building.  There was free parking in the lot next to the building and on the street.

Here are the prices: They accept Cash & Credit Cards!


What to bring?  When going shoe shopping, it is best is to wear comfortable shoes or sandals you can slip on and off.   They do not check in your purse at the front and you can bring a tote bag to fill up, while shopping.  However, they do have bags when you purchase items.

On Thursday, there was not a line to enter from noon to 2pm.  The room size was small, but there was a lot of boxes of shoes.  At the time I went, there were shoppers, but not crowded.   Boxes were filled with lots of shoes.  Shoppers were courteous and the staff was friendly. There were sandals, boots, cowboy boots, and heels! The shoes are comfortable and really nice quality!  The line to purchase was somewhat short, but then again it was Thursday.  The sale was organized and had great deals!

Here is what you will see:

Definitely worth checking out! Happy Shoe Shopping!

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