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For Love and Lemons, Stone Cold Fox, Jen’s Pirate Booty, Matisse, Rachel Pally, The California Mart, oh my! They all have sales! Follow your favorite designers on Instagram, facebook, etc. Not only will you see how to wear it, you will also find out when and where they are having sales.

How to plan and shop at a Sample or Warehouse Sale?

What to wear? Wear leggings & a tight fitted top, so you can try on clothes over your clothes.  Wear flip flops, so you can easily try on shoes and easily take off and on when trying on clothes.  If you can, don’t wear make-up, it tends to get on the clothes when you are trying it on.

What to Bring? Some sales check in your purse at the front, others don’t.  So, if you don’t want to check in your purse, just bring a wallet.  Some sales allow you to bring a tote bag or luggage to stock up.  Sometimes you can just grab a box there at the sale and load up.

Now what?

You can be the extreme shopper and camp out or wake up at the crack of dawn to be the first in line. You will get what you want. Is there another way? Of course, you can wait in a line up to 2-5 hours where you will meet people.  Make friends in line!  They will keep you motivated to stay in line, save your space, tell you about future sales, and when you get there, help you find clothes or shoes.  Bring snacks, water, and ask where the nearest bathroom is because that may be a problem.  However, you made friends in line so they can save your space.  You may want to uber or lyft it there because parking may be a problem. Just make sure you have cash and quarters for parking.  Now if you just want to check out the sale, and do not want to wake up when it is still dark and you do not want to wait 2-5 hours in line, then go at the end.  You will get there at the end and there may be no or a small line.  You may get leftovers, but For Love and Lemons leftovers are truly not leftovers.  A lot of times, the workers just want to get rid of things and will sometimes just give you clothes for free.  Most sales accept credit card, but cash is always king and you may save money using cash.

Now, while you are inside. Hopefully, you already did some research online to see what exactly you are looking for.  You can usually spot the items you want immediately.  Take a look around, and grab!  Then stand next to people who are trying on clothes and get the leftovers OR you can stand near the cashier as most people put things back. Also, compliment others and make friends/be courteous at the sale, they may give you what they did not like and you did.  They may even find another item that you both liked and give it to you.

Next UP:

Matisse Footwear  at 1550 E Franklin Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245 is having a sale on Thursday, May 5th and Friday May 6th from 12 to 6pm and Saturday, May 7th from 10am to 2pm.  The sale will have sandals for $10 to $20, heels for $15, and fabric and leather for $25 to $65.  Bring an empty tote back to stock up! There is limited parking in the lot, but there should be parking on the street.


Matisse Footwear

Matisse Tiegs




Matisse Jackie


Happy Shopping!

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