Outside at the Hale Bob & Liberty Garden Sale!

Hale Bob & Liberty Garden had a sale Friday, 5/13!  BUT it is still on! Saturday, 5/14 10am-4pm!

There are 32 Sales & Counting in LA! So check out the link below to see the others!


Why Buy Retail When You Don’t Have To!


And 25 in New York & New Jersey!

Calling all New Yorkers! And New Jersey!


Back to Hale Bob & Liberty Garden!

The Hale Bob & Liberty Garden Sale is located at 2711 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90057. 

The sale is on the rooftop parking lot.  You will see the sign “Hale Bob Warehouse Sale Up the Ramp”. Drive up the ramp and park.  The sale is outdoors as you can see in the picture.  So, if you will be shopping for awhile, wear sunscreen.

Now Look at the Prices! Hale Bob & Liberty Garden retails in the hundreds of dollars! So, these are amazing prices!


Now for the selection! The Hale Bob & Liberty Garden Sale was very organized and well-done! It was quiet and the shoppers were friendly. There was no digging involved, which in fact, all the clothes were nicely in plastic and were all on hangers hanged up. These were not all samples and were the real deal, the ones you would buy in the stores or online!  They had lots of items to choose from in all different sizes; flip flops, towels, tops, bikinis, leggings, and dresses. The staff was very friendly and helpful.  They allowed try-on’s over your clothes. So, wear something that you can try clothes over them, like shorts, leggings, flip flops, and a tank top.  And, you got to keep the hanger and plastic when you purchased items! Cash & Credit Card is accepted.  If you use a credit card, they will charge you an extra $3.00.

Hale Bob & Liberty Garden has beautiful clothes that you will feel like a million bucks in!  Definitely worth taking the time out of your Saturday to Shop this Sale!

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  1. Wow! I found such beautiful pieces! Can you believe I bought purple and yellow lace pants for $20, a white jacket with gold chains $20, beautiful dresses for 40 bucks I have Some fabulous bright additions to my spring summer California wardrobe!

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