Insight into the Rachel Pally Warehouse Sale

Sample Sale

Let’s first start with parking, as there was plenty of it and it was free.  There was a parking lot in front of  the warehouse, but you can also park on the street close by if you chose to.  There were no lines and the warehouse is big, so it looks like that it can fit many shoppers!

Front of the Building, Easy to Spot!

As you walk in, it was clean and the warehouse had many selections to choose from. You will have to check in your purse to enter, so you may just want to take in your wallet.  The staff was very friendly and will offer a tour of the place to show you where everything is located.  The warehouse is clean and organized with every size available, from x-small to 3X to maternity.  Most importantly, they have a bathroom and fitting room.  The fitting room had mirrors and everyone was very friendly and respected each other’s privacy when changing.

The first stop shop is on the right side labeled the “Damage Rack”, where you can find deals ranging from $10-$40.  The clothes on the “Damaged Rack” have very minimal defects, such as a tiny mark or snag that you can hardly see is even there.  However, you will be distracted by the baby clothes, which are so cute.  The baby clothes were approximately $25.   As for digging through clothes, you don’t have to!  Medium size boxes are individually labeled with pictures of the clothes.  Inside the boxes you will find labeled clothes in plastic bags.  You will find pants, maxi dresses, skirts, tops, short dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and swimwear.  Prices ranged from $10-$110, but retail can be as high as $255.00.  If you need help, plenty of staff were walking around willing to help you.  It should also be noted, women brought babies with them to shop, and the environment appeared children friendly.   Making a trip to the Rachel Pally Warehouse Sale is definitely worth your time this weekend!



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