Inside Scoop at the Hudson Jean Sample Sale!

Hudson Jeans had a sample sale, Friday 5/13,  BUT it is not too late!  You still have Saturday, 5/14 from 10am-5pm!

There are also 31 other sales happening in Los Angeles and Orange County in the month of May! Click link below to see details:

Why Buy Retail When You Don’t Have To!


And 25 in New York & New Jersey!

Calling all New Yorkers! And New Jersey!

Back to the scoop on the Hudson Jeans Sale! Located at 1231 S. Gerhart Ave. Commerce, Ca. 90022

Here is a picture of the building:

Park on the street and NOT in the lot! Your car can get towed.  They were announcing over the speakers several cars that were going to be towed if  they were not moved. So, park on the street. You may have to walk a few blocks.

Rules: No strollers, no try-on’s, no large bags, and no wearing Hudson to the sale will be allowed in.  There are many employees and security walking around. As for try-on’s, well, I am not saying to do this, but sometimes you can hide behind a big pile of clothes in the back away from staff and try on clothes over your leggings/clothes.  I am not saying to do this, but it has been done and I saw women doing this without being caught.   Now, if you don’t know your size in jeans, if you can, first go to a department store like Macy’s  or Nordstroms and find out what size you are in Hudson, take note of the size and style and then hit the sale.

Here is the scoop on what it was like inside the sale! I was there at 12:45pm.  A DJ was playing music. There was small line of 5 people to get inside and you had to wait until security allowed you inside.  When you walk in pass security, you may see a long line of people waiting to purchase items.  Walk around the purchasing line to get inside the sale. That is not the line to get inside the sale.  When you are ready to buy, then wait in that long line.  Now, I waited and shopped until the purchasing line went down around 3pm and pretty much walked right up without waiting in line to buy.  I did forget to ask the cashier about the #Hudsonsamplesale on social media to get the free gift with purchase, so don’t forget to ask.

Prices & Selection! $15 Samples, $30 2nd Quality, and $50 1st Quality.  You will see the samples with tags that say sample, but the ones I found looked small.  However, look for the yellow/orange “X” mark inside the denim, either under the tag, on the tag, or somewhere inside because those are $30.  There were all sizes for the 1st and 2nd quality.  There were men’s and women’s jeans, hoodies, shirts, dresses, etc.  On Saturday, it was overheard that there will be kids attire.  And they will put out new stuff that was not out for the Friday sale! SO, you if you went already on Friday, you may want to go back!

Happy Digging! You will dig and dig and dig some more through tons and tons of jeans.  But it is so worth it, as Hudson retails in the hundreds of dollars and at the Hudson Sale you can score jeans from $15-$50!



As for selection, well, there were so many, but Nico, Barbara, Krista, Beth are the few that I remember spotting.  I scored the Laurel High Waist Patch Work Flare for $30, that retail at $255.00!

Photo: Hudson

And the staff was friendly and there were plenty of them!  The staff were always willing to help find sizes for people and they were constantly organizing the jeans to make it easier for us, shoppers to find what we were looking for!  The shoppers were friendly and everyone was helping each other find the right sizes!

So many jeans! So many to buy!  Another sale worth digging for!





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