First Date or Any Wear

What to Wear on a First Date or Any Date when you have no idea Wear You are Going?image

First and foremost, visualize outfits you have worn in the past on dates. What were they? How did you feel?  How did your date react?  Which one did you like the best?  Keep all those date outfits you already put together in the past in your memory bank.  Re-Wear, Re-Wear, Re-Wear!

Now for those, who think, but I don’t like those outfits and I have not a thing a wear!

Show a little skin, but not too much. Try a sweater like holtmiami’s and pair with jeans. Wear flats if the guy is short or if you are unsure if it is a casual or night out on the town date.  Of course, you could always were boots.  Wear heels if you want that sexier feel, can be closed toe or open toe depending on the weather and season.

holt miami

cold shoulder top

or try Stone Cold Fox’s  Zodiac Tube and pair with jeans or Scorpio Bloomers-White Lace.

Stone Cold Fox

Zodiac Tube – White

Scorpio Bloomers – White Lace

You could also grab that white or black T-shirt with jeans, knotted it up, add a necklace, heels, and whola! You look Hot! Or grab some leggings and T-shirt, add some heels/boots/flats and necklace and again. You look sexy ready for wherever you go!

How to Wear the Work to Date outfit?

Wear the business attire that will tease the guy, but still looks professional. Try wearing a knee length dress that zips up all the way in the back. You can also wear a skirt that has a zipper on the side or back with a button up shirt to work, and then you can tie the shirt in a knot or just simply unbutton a few buttons to show a little skin.  You could also wear a dress and pair it with a suit jacket.  Wear comfortable shoes at work, then take that jacket off and throw on those sexy heels you put in your trunk in your car for that date.  Of course, you can always choose wedges for both work to date look.  If you wear glasses at work, wear them when he sees you and then take them off.

Calvin Klein Dress


Calvin Klein Zipper Scuba Sheath Dress

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Slane Bow Wedges


Tiffany and Co. Glasses

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thanks Jessica – just came home from the Rachel Palley Sale that I heard about on your blog. I found some great dresses that I love and will be wearing very soon!

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