Bulls-eye! One Stop Shop At Target!


Why you should be shopping at Target!  Well, it is convenient.  All of us have to buy groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, toys, gifts, and why not clothes! Target is one stop shop and it saves us time.  Target always has deals on everything, including clothes.  Use the app Cartwheel to find the latest deals and create an account with Target to get the latest email notifications on what is on sale. For example, today is the last day to spend $50-save $10, spend $75-save $15 on clothes, shoe, and accessories for all. Always check the clearance section, prices can drop to sometimes more than 50% off.  You might be thinking, Target has fashionable clothes, really? Target has featured designers, such as Marimekko.  Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Marimekko dress on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1960 and even syle icon, Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen in Marimekko.  Start shopping at Target Marimekko before they sell out.


Scandinavia-Design-Marimekko History

How to shop at Target?  Well, if you have kids and are in a hurry, just grab and buy.  Take the clothes home, try them on, and if they fit, great! If not, return! Check Target’s Return Policy for further information.  If you have time, they have private dressing rooms to try on clothes.  You can park your cart right in front of the dressing room area and try on your items. If you see something you like at Target, do not think to yourself, “oh, I can get it later!”  At Target, if you don’t get it, it may not be there when you return.  It is better to buy it and return it if you change your mind.

Now, what to buy!  Most people think they must buy bras and underwear at a department store or at Victoria’s Secret, but have you tried Target.  Well, you should!  It is cheap, comfortable, and stylish.  Target carries La Leche League International for mother’s who are breast feeding.   Target also carries Fashion Forms, when you need a little tape or pedal to secure your dress on your body or to enhance certain areas.  They always have deals on underwear, like buy 5 for $20, you can’t beat that.  Additionally, Target always has themed intimate attire for the latest season and holiday.  Check out Target for all your intimate attire.


Not only can you buy intimate attire, you can find business clothes, girls night outswimwear, cocktail, workout, dresses, casual, comfortable, maternity, shoes, purses, and it is fashionable.  Check out the Women’s clothing at Target.

Oh and if you have a Target Credit Card or RED Card, you get 5% off today and everyday, plus free shipping and 30 days extra on returns.

So you walked into Target wanting paper towels and you walked out with a new wardrobe, all for a reasonable price!  Check out some of howandwear.com finds at Target!  Happy Target Shopping!





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