A Look Inside the Rebecca Minkoff on Melrose Sample Sale


Photo: Bought at Rebecca Minkoff sample sale on Melrose for $50! But you can buy at Nordstroms for $275!

Handbags, Key Chains, Leggings, Shoes, Dresses, Tops, Skirts….oh my! The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale was extended to Sunday, 5/15 from 12pm-6pm!

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Back to Rebecca Minkoff!  The sale is located at 8335 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90069.  It is at the Rebecca Minkoff boutique on Melrose.  The sample sale is located in the alley behind the store.  There are signs on the door in the alley. If you are unsure where to go, just go inside the Rebecca Minkoff store and ask, they will show where the sale is.  Parking is available on the street.  I brought a small clutch and they did not collect it, so if you are worried about having your purse left with the staff, just bring a small wallet.

This is what the store looks like, so you won’t miss it.

Behind the store is the alley way.  There are signs on the door leading you to the sale.  There was no line to enter on Saturday, 5/14 at 5:30pm and no line to purchase items.

The room is fairly small, but there was a lot of merchandise!  From handbags to women’s jackets to women’s shoes to dresses & leggings…etc.  There was a limited number of men’s shoes.  The sale was organized, clean, and there was no digging involved.  The staff was very friendly and will help you find items and also give you suggestions.  They answered all the shoppers questions on prices.  As for try-ons, it was allowed, but no dressing rooms.  So, either come prepared to dress in clothes like leggings/shorts and a tank top that you can easily try on clothes over them or like some women did, just change in the back of the room behind clothes.  There were only women in the room when I was there. They had several small full-length mirrors so you can see how the clothes and shoes look.   The shoppers inside were also very friendly.  Make sure you try on the shoes, it was noticed that some styles were not true to size and shoppers had to get a size or two smaller than what they normally wear.

Here are some of the prices on Saturday:  However, sometimes at the end or the last day of sales, prices drop even more! The prices are posted all over the room.  If you are unsure, just ask one of the employees. There was plenty of help and they were extremely friendly and helpful!

There was plenty to choose from and there were lots of deals on items!

Shop at the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale on Melrose to get designer digs for dollars! But, if you can’t make it, check out the online website, as there is a sample sale online with up to 70% off!

Photo: Rebecca Minkoff

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