7 Fashion Must-Haves to Survive


While everyone is checking out what the stars are wearing at the Met Gala, I am thinking about the 7 things you need to have to wear those dresses or any attire and survive!

Here they are:

1.A Garment Steamer!  Getting a steamer is a must have!  They are quick, easy to use, and they take all the wrinkles out. The one I have is a Conair Extreme Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat, which you can buy at  Target for $34.99  or you can get a Steamfast Deluxe Garment Steamer from Cosco for $69.99. There is also the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer® Go Mini® Hand Steamer from Bed Bath & Beyond that is portable, small, and comes in different colors and only $19.99!   I prefer the smaller steamers because they are travel size and I can take them anywhere with me.


2. Tape, Pedals, Silicone Skin Bra, Spanx, Enhancers, and Invisible Underwear!  You should always have available Fashion Tape, one time use Breast Pedals or reusable gel pedals, a Silicone Skin Bra, Spanx, and invisible underwear in your closet ready to go. Don’t forget those Enhancers for those of us who need them.  You can buy Hollywood Tape or Lingerie Tape.   Victoria Secret, Target, Macy’s, and Nordstroms sells these items.

3. Tide & Bleach Pens You just never know when you are going to spill or someone spills a drink all over you or somehow you got a stain on your outfit while getting dressed.  Carry them in your purse, keep in your car, in your office desk, and keep them at home for emergencies.


4. Baby or Moist Wipes or Make-Up Remover Wipes!  They remove make-up and deodorant from your clothes.  You can also use travel Shout! wipes.  Again, keep these in your car, place them in your purse, in your office desk, and have them at home.

5. Safety Pins.  Place them in your purse.  It is much quicker and easier to use then to needle and thread when you are out to dinner and something snaps, tears, or a button falls off. Save them in a bag when you get them from the drycleaners. It is also a good idea to have safety pins in your car and keep them in your office drawer at work.  We all have been there! It is better to be safe then sorry.


6. Portable Shoes!  Wearing heels all day at work or out on the town will hurt your feet.  Try carrying or having in your office desk drawer some Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats.  You can check out Amazon for a selection to choose from.  Check out these portable flats & Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats:

7. Foot Pedals and Moleskin.  Try Fab Feet By Foot Pedals or Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin.  You can cut the moleskin and place it anywhere the shoe is rubbing up on your feet.   Check out Foot Pedals for other products that can help when wearing heels, like these shoe cushions as pictured below.  It is also a good idea to keep them in your office desk drawer as you might have started the  work day off with no pain and ended the day with sore feet and blisters.

Moleskin Foot

The Things We Do For Fashion!  Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “7 Fashion Must-Haves to Survive

  1. Love your tips Jessica! Very useful. I have never thought of using a steamer. It sounds like a great idea. Also, I like the idea of carrying safety pins.

    Keep your blogs coming!!!!

    1. A steamer is a must for the everyday fashionista!!! And as for safety pins, it is better to safe than sorry! Glad howandwear was able to give you some tips to survive the fashion world!

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